Pecker (1998)

John Waters directs Edward Furlong, Lili Taylor and Christina Ricci in this semi-autobiographical comedy where a young outsider photographer from Baltimore is courted by the New York art world when his candid photos of sleazy living are scouted by a dealer.

Christina Ricci playing an angry Baltimore laundromat owner who hates anything that ain’t Baltimore or laundry related is very much my crush. Always has been, probably thanks to her in this film. Give me a furious pretty face any day of the week. This is a really sweet, funny, inclusive movie – the best and most accessible example of Waters’ belief that everyone is deep down in their heart of hearts a dirty, degenerate freak… so why can’t we all just get along? Furlong gives an against type performance as the gauche naive camera genius. I have a huge fondness for the film’s madcap scattershot mood. A rollercoaster of sitcom framed filth from pubic hair to teabagging, sugar addiction to puppet Mary, Mother of God. None of it shocks me, it is bad taste in a comforting, almost nostalgic, form.


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