The Wolfpack (2015)

Crystal Moselle directs the Angulo family in this documentary that follows the housebound set of siblings as they leave their New York apartment unsupervised for the first time after a childhood of movies, seclusion, movies, strict hippy ideology and movies.

Do you know what? At first glance these kids’ childhoods are the dream! They watch violent DVDs obsessively, draw posters, annotate screenplays, recreate convincing costumes and props out of yoga mats and cereal boxes, and develop a symbiotic sense of play between themselves. Their Halloween ritual is pretty fucking awesome. But decades being locked away from real life and education and socialisation is not going to help them once the dream is over and that is what the film hints at. The tyrannical abusive father is peeked at but never candidly explored. And there is the persistent niggle that some of this unique found footage might be faked or forced.


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