Subway (1985)

Luc Besson directs Christopher Lambert, Isabelle Adjani and Jean Reno in the magical realist thriller where a safe breaker moves into the Parisian Metro system to blackmail a beauty he has fallen for and start a pop band.

Cinema Du Look – Ultimate Edition. Very freewheeling in its plotting but this gifts Besson room for his two best assets to be captured adoringly. The walkways, tunnels and secret passages of the underground system become a brutalist playground for on-location roller skate chases, rendezvous and robberies. Adjani gets a series of fierce fantasy looks to try out, culminating in her Iroquois hair gel showstopper. Sure, Lambert as ever proves a jarring big screen lead – that fallback smug grin doesn’t help. But his off kilter plan to become a music manager with his haul, amidst all this gunplay and strangeness, actually grows into neat final act thread. The band he forms from the buskers and workers among the subterranean squatters he sides with have a couple of absolute earworm bangers in them. Mid 80s europop with a garnish of Peter Gabriel and Talking Heads. A supercool night in!


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