Dillinger (1973)

John Milius directs Warren Oates, Ben Johnson and Michelle Phillips in this gangster biopic of the infamous depression era bank robber who evaded the authorities with flair and ferocity.

I haven’t seen this since I was a kid but rewatching it was a bloody thrill. The rat-a-tat-tat of Tommy Guns and squibs, the great cast of Seventies faces in sharp suits, the energy of the montages. I’m a massive fan of Oates and Johnson and both shine in the quieter moments… turning their icons of cops-n-robbers history into flawed men. Oates plays Dillinger as an arsehole… an effective brute, more cunning than lucky. Johnson is just as brash and persuasive, knowing only a badge and a warrant separates his man of violence from the lawless breed he guns down. I prefer this to Bonnie & Clyde and Public Enemies. It is a cheaper production but one that thumps along with far more entertainment value and grit. Prestige be damned. Would make a great double bill with The Wild Bunch.


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