Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (1974)

Brian Clemens directs Horst Janson, Shane Briant and Caroline Munro in this later Hammer Horror where an aristocrat travels the lands looking for vampires.

A solid adventure, possibly one of the best Hammer productions. Not in anyway scary but has a nice alternative mythology and good, clean storytelling. There’s some keen sequences of vampire detection involving bows and bells in the woods and great bit of Grand Guignol were a newly turned unfortunate is tortured as cure. Horst Janson is wooden but brooding. A bevvy of English roses including Munro’s gypsy free love sidekick and Wanda Ventham special guest milf keeps things PG sexy. Ian Hendry wanders in as mercenary for a few scenes and pretty much recalibrates the entire plot around his sneering performance. If this were a pilot for a TV show you could bet five will get you fifty that his twin would be back in future episodes to avenge his death!


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