The Intern (2015)

Nancy Meyers directs Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway and Rene Russo in this comedy where a delightful pensioner proves an asset to a .com entrepreneur.

A witty, warm hug of a movie. Sweet yet with a nice hidden edge. Fluffy yet perceptive. Glossy yet not off puttingly charmless. De Niro and Hathaway are two very different talents that share the problem that Hollywood doesn’t really know what to do with them most projects. This surprisingly sly and surprisingly spry Boomer fantasy warms up Bobby’s softer masculinity while dialling back his pantomime anger. Hathaway gets a role that feels made to measure for her glamorous looks, dorky outsider vibe and high maintenance flintiness. Sure, it is overlong and Meyer’s rich honky attitude towards wealth and work can be seen as toxic if you are looking for humbug. But you shouldn’t really be nitpicking such an assured old fashioned throwback. The Intern glides along entertainingly through areas of life most movies strain to avoid and it is put together as solidly as an antique oak coffee table in an era of Ikea tat.


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