Action Point (2018)

Tim Kirkby directs Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius and Eleanor Worthington-Cox in this slapstick comedy where a rickety 1970’s theme park faces closure so the owner decides to take all the safety features from the rides to stand-out from the crowd.

An undeserved flop on release last summer. Sad to think we no longer live in a world where people want to see a middle-aged man get hit in the dick every few scenes! If this was released in the 80s it would be cherished by a young lad called me, recorded off the telly on a LongPlay VHS tape, nestled securely between Police Academy 3 and Naked Gun. It is a sweet, stupid, stunt-filled daftie with a beer drinking bear and a soft punk soundtrack. You are missing out on an absolute, heart rather than head, laughter treat. Based on a true story.


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