Triple Frontier (2019)

J. C. Chandor directs Ben Affleck, Oscar Issac and Charlie Hunnam in this action heist where a team of former special forces operatives decide to rob a drug kingpin’s jungle retreat.

What starts off as Heat in a rainforest slips into The Treasure of Sierra Madre on a mountain. There’s a certain undeniable fun in watching the best and the bold dumping and burning millions in cash to get out of cliffhanging scrapes. This is Chandor’s biggest film, housing far more action than his traditional slowburn intimate dramas. The sheer scope of the production threatens to eclipse David Lean at times. The leads are a bit too ill defined and their weapons handling and breaching tactics don’t really convince. For a film as stone cold and gung-ho as this, that is a major stumbling point. When an action movie’s highlight is watching Ben Affleck disgusted at his inability to sell a condo as a civilian you know somehow the balance has been slightly ruined. Some of that character work should have been saved for the chase rather than fully front loaded. Watchable enough.


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