I Walked With a Zombie (1943)

Jacques Tourneur directs Frances Dee, James Ellison and Tom Conway in this classic voodoo horror where a young nurse tries to keep a level head in an island rife with sleepwalking coma patients, cursed families and exotic witchcraft.

Jane Eyre with a West Indies lilt. The supernatural is amped up, colonialism wryly commented on. For a film chock full of dark, portentous threat it is very picturesque- even the looming cane fields at night are equal parts spooky and wonderful. A very solid early horror where Frances Dee impresses as the overly curious protagonist. Side note: every scene feels like a sexual seduction unfulfilled. Someone could make very classy porno from the source material just by extending six of the horny, repressed set-ups into full on bonking sessions.


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