Greta (2019)

Neil Jordan directs Isabelle Huppert, Chloë Grace Moretz and Maika Monroe in this stalker thriller where a nice girl befriends the wrong lonely lady.

This is exactly what I want from a Friday night thriller. Stock female roles given quirk by gifted actresses. All three leads are stellar. Moretz has a sweetness – her appealing normal body and doll like face selling the paranoia and peril. Monroe nails the bad girl best friend role… you count the minutes until her fodderish death… then something else, something not quite so cliched happens with her. And Huppert can do these unhinged witch parts in her sleep. Watching her skip out a little ballet after a murder or calmly injecting a spurting wound is nowhere near as creepy as her turning up at your restaurant and dissing the wine list. Jordan’s visuals are lush, he even gets to evoke his fairy tale back catalogue… this NYC set rattler owes as much to Little Red Riding Hood as his breakthrough In the Company of Wolves did 35 years ago. A tight little throwback.


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