Nobody’s Daughter Haewon (2013)

Hong Sang-soo directs Jung Eun-Chae, Lee Sun-Kyun and Yoo Jun-sang in this Korean romantic comedy about a young woman who wants to break up with the married teacher who she is having an affair with.

Haewoon likes drinking, daydreaming, dressing classically, drinking, dating academics and drinking. You certainly like her and Hong Sang-soo presents her with plenty of paths (romantic and otherwise) to look down in this crossraods moment of her life. His style has the weightlessness of mumblecore, the aura of Richard Linklater or Woody Allen. This first taste doesn’t really hit the spot as a work of genre, it doesn’t have much to say as a drama. It ambles along at it own insignificant pelt. Not for me really, I’ll give his highly praised and extensive back catalogue one more try but I don’t think I’ve discovered a new favourite director here. I’m more likely to seek out Jung Eun-Chae again as she holds the gaze even when the film switches to screensaver mode, as it often seems to.


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