Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018)

Marielle Heller directs Melissa McCarthy, Richard E. Grant and Dolly Wells in the true story crime comedy about a struggling writer who forged antique letters for cash.

In the 70s this wouldn’t have been marketed as Oscar bait but as a mainstream comedy. Same as Green Book or even Three Billboards. Just because a film is sensitive in its portrayal, complex in its morality or realistic in its setting doesn’t change the fact the script is full of zingers and the cast deliver them with impeccable aplomb. What changed the landscape? Saturday Night Live? Blazing Saddles? When did every ‘comedy’ become a spoof or a detached from reality elongated sketch? When did we lose Billy Wilder’s sophisticated wit and embrace Rob Schneider’s barefaced tomfoolery? This blog proves I’m no snob… I love broad, gross out, colourful, zany star led flicks. But when did we give up on the more grown-up stuff. Now when these films are released (see anything from Lost in Translation to Joy), they are treated as serious prestigious dramas rather than a showcase for sophisticated humorous writing delivered with glee by committed stars. And look at the pleasure McCarthy and Grant take in having well developed, acid tongued parts. Their partners in crime double act is a seedy delight, both bringing their long forgotten A-Game and inviting us along for laugh filled ride. A cynical treat.


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