Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)


Tom Shadyac directs Jim Carrey, Courteney Cox and Sean Young in this comedy about a goofy animal related crime solver who has to find the Miami Dolphins kidnapped mascot. 

Full discolure: I watched Ace Ventura many, many times as a teenager. I know it back to front. And in the last couple of years I’ve caught large incomplete swathes of it when channel surfing in hotels. It is a very juvenile film I can’t help settling on. Carrey shines in it with a OTT star making turn. Like Groucho Marx or Inspector Clouseau he’ll arrive in any normal social set-up and derail it with his wacky behaviour. And on a base level this works. Amusing you in every colorful scene. There’s no sophistication to Ace Ventura and it noticably lacks a killer set piece but as mindless entertainments go this fits nicely into an early evening even as it enters middle age with me. “Liiiike a glooove!”





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