Murder on the Orient Express (2017)


Kenneth Branagh directs himself, Daisy Ridley and Michelle Pfeiffer in this starry Poirot whodunnit based around the classic Agatha Christie mystery. 

If you don’t already know the solution to this much adapted chamber piece then I reckon this could be a little more fun. Branagh is a daft hoot as Poirot and if he can find a way to be visually grand then he will. In fact, the first twenty minutes with Poirot energetically solving a mini crime in Jerusalem and the momentous boarding of the gorgeous steam engine I was kicking myself thinking “Wow, they are making a BIG movie here.” That enthusiasm waned. The spectacle dissipated and felt forced whenever fleetingly rediscovered. You are left with an OKish cast, looking awkward while obviously lying. Some of whom have done this stock stuff so often recently that they might as well be plucking raw chickens on a factory conveyor belt, such is their effort and relish at being there again. Dwindles into boredom then terminates.


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