Death Becomes Her (1992)


Robert Zemeckis directs Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis in the dark fantasy comedy about two ageing rivals who discover the secret of eternal youth from a necromancer. 

I went to see this at the cinema as a kid and was unimpressed. 25 years down the line it has ironically weathered better than a lot of other blockbusters of its day. The visual inventiveness is relentless and while it is not all that gag heavy, the starry cast all lean into the cartoonish ridiculousness of the predicament with enthusiasm. That’s right! This was made during that half a decade when Bruce Willis had enthusiasm for his career. There could be a little more Goldie Hawn and the FX are very much of their time…. quibbles though. As a curious mixture of Tom & Jerry and What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? this more often than not rocks. And you get Isabella Rossellini wandering around in next to nothing for at least three scenes…



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