Tale of Tales (2016)


Matteo Garrone directs Salma Hayek, Vincent Cassell and Toby Jones in this gory and sexy blend of forgotten fairy tales.

Bit special this. There’s me complaining just last week, what with Warcraft and Gods of Egypt, there are no good fantasy films these days and then this sumptuous treat comes along. Long takes of believable unbelievable beasts, gorings and beheadings plus a flaying, beautiful dresses, albino twins, ogres, soothsayers, princesses who want love, kings who get distracted, queens who get more than they bargained for, orgies, hags, castles from Escher’s doodle pad  and a big bear hula hooping. A heady blend of The Princess Bride, early Gilliam and The Beast. The Pulp Fiction of magical adventure films if it hooks you. There were restless people in our screening, considering the length and the lack of obvious narrative progression at times… but not in these seats.


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