Cat’s Eye (1986)

Lewis Teague directs Drew Barrymore, James Woods and Alan King in this Stephen King anthology flick where the stories are linked by a brave little wandering cat who finds himself in the mix with all the creeps.

There’s nothing mind blowing here yet each section is entertaining in its own right, never outstays its welcome and macabre in differing ways. My personal favourite is the dude from Airplane being made to walk the outside of a high rise building by a cuckolded gangster, clinging on with every step by the sweat of his palms. But James Woods’ coming up against an intense Mafia anti-smoking operation is also a dark lark and the Drew Barrymore’s finale involving a troll who lives in the crack of her bedroom skirting is ambitious, takes itself the most seriously. The bursts of practical FX are often bonkers, the cat is a cutie and this has aged somewhat better than the more revered Creepshow as a VHS guilty pleasure.


Perfect Double Bill: The Black Cat (1981)

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