Joe (2013)

David Gordon Green directs Nicolas Cage, Tye Sheridan and Gary Poulter in this drama where a self-destructive ex-con who runs a tree poisoning crew takes on a young drifter.

Set in the backwoods of Texas and with an eye for the outrageous, Joe plays out like a serious spin-off from one of Joe R Lansdale’s caper novels. It has a clear plot – Cage’s Joe see himself in the teen who he begins to become a surrogate father to – but this is a movie that takes pleasure colouring outside the line of that particular narrative. We get whorehouse dog vendettas, car chases, incest and exploitation. The finest moments are when Green lets his camera run and just permits an improvising Cage to chat and charm the locals in his own unique manner. There’s enough excitement here to sate sophisticated action hounds, atmosphere to catch the eye of critics and authentic soul to call back to the character studies of New American Cinema.


Perfect Double Bill: Dog Eat Dog (2016)

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