Shopping (1994)

Paul W. S. Anderson directs Jude Law, Sadie Frost and Sean Pertwee in this British dystopian ram-raiding teen movie.

The lead acting in this is pretty blunt and it doesn’t help that the leads are playing two quite such grating numpties to begin with. There be good support in the background from Ralph Ineson and Jason Isaacs, though they are taking their first steps on screen too so you can’t expect them to steal the show. You can see why the thumping car chases caught the eye of Hollywood though… and why P.W.S.A. has worked steadily since. He traces over the very best sources. He takes a leaf from Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and really exploits post-Thatcher London as a brutalist hellhole. Wish there was a Reel Streets page for this. On point techno soundtrack. I never expected to seek Shopping out again… that instinct was probably correct.


Perfect Double Bill: The Young Americans (1993)

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