The Fabelmans (2022)

Steven Spielberg directs Michelle Williams, Paul Dano and Seth Rogen in this ‘fictional’ coming-of-age drama based tightly on the iconic director’s childhood and family.

Nothing but love for Spielberg but his memories of a middle class childhood aren’t exactly the most fascinating. Unhinged but hot mom who he clearly wants to fuck. Steven Spielberg had envisioned Michelle Williams as Mitzi, the character inspired by his mother Leah, ever since he saw her performance in Blue Valentine… Hmmm! His fictional proxy, Sammy, easily gets whatever resources he needs to follow his dreams. Mild antisemitism from bullies, one of whom sees the error of his way in the narrative’s most unbelievable moment. “My daddy divorced my mummy… when I was only 17!!!” There’s not really a movie here, more a period drag episode of Dawson’s Creek… and I say that with upmost respect for Dawson’s Creek. Williams and Dano aren’t exactly stretched by the material… the only really fun performances are from an underrated Rogen, newcomer Chloe East as a nutty romantic interest and that last scene cameo. Now, the epilogue to The Spielbergs is wondrous, a real punch the sky, leave the theatre with a massive smile on your mush, showstopper. And there are half a dozen other decent scenes that are dotted throughout, mostly about amateur movie making, meaning The Spielbergs is never boring or as whiny as it could come across. Yet, he could have made the fifth Indiana Jones movie without having to defer to George Lucas’ mad suggestions for the first time in his career instead of this… Fine but inessential.


Perfect Double Bill: Avalon (1990)

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