Match Point (2005)

Woody Allen directs Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Scarlett Johansson and Emily Mortimer in this crime thriller where a tennis pro romances his way into a wealthy family only for his lusts to thwart his ambitions.

One of Woody’s coldest films. It doesn’t really work as a mystery because everyone is such a selfish, grating prick that you don’t care how all the messy bonking and perfect murders pan out. Crime & Punishment for the 1%. There’s definitely a barbed subtext about the rich being less creative / infertile / incestuous that I haven’t the patience to unpack. Having said that… his London location work is splendid, ScarJo looks delectable as fuck in her pure white outfits. A regular Lana Turner. It is a class act with a hot girl, undemanding to watch even though you can tell Woody is straining towards some deeper evaluation of the human race, so bonus points for all that… Still it could do with losing twenty minutes of runtime.


Perfect Double Bill: Scoop (2006)

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