Scandal Sheet (1952)

Phil Karlson directs Broderick Crawford, Donna Reed and John Derek in this tabloid journalism noir based on a novel by future director Sam Fuller.

One could easily see a remake with Bob Odenkirk, Bryan Cranston, John Hamm or (God rest his soul) James Gandolfini. Fans of modern premium television might very well enjoy this in its nascent form. There are obstensible heroes but we align with the villain of the piece. The alpha male editor also happens to be a murderer with a secret past. As his crimes become headline news he can’t help himself but keep his eager beaver reporters on the story as each revelation that inches towards his unmasking sells more copies. This has everything you want from a noir; urban decay, snappy dialogue, hardboiled sleazes and ultra-efficient good girls. All wrapped up in a bleak fatalist’s little bow.


Perfect Double Bill: The Bigamist (1948)

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