Crimson Tide (1995)

Tony Scott directs Denzel Washington, Gene Hackman and James Gandolfini in this submarine action drama where two officers violently disagree on whether to launch their nuclear weapons when a transmission is compromised.

Denzel in his most heroic role. Hackman chewing scenery as the pissiest little bitch ever to rise through the ranks of the navy. Tarantino’s really really really obvious script doctoring punch-up scenes. They stand out like sexy big toes. Scott relishing the sweat, claustrophobia and rapid cut scenes of “what would you do?” stand taking. It is 12 Angry Men with live ammo. If you read this blog, I reckon you’d wager I’d eat all this up with a spoon. This feels tailored towards all my tastes… on paper. And I’ve watched the flick a fair few times since racing to see it on opening weekend but it always leaves me a tinsy bit lukewarm. The plot goes around in circles a few dances too many times and you are never sure why certain characters take the unexpected sides they do. It’s just a little too repetitive and messy to reach maximum potential intensity. Yet that doesn’t diminish what an effective Saturday night entertainment Crimson Tide can be once your expectations are tapered. Also: one of the reddest films ever made.


Perfect Double Bill: Unstoppable (2010)

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