Caravan Of Courage: An Ewok Adventure (1984)

John Korty directs Warwick Davies, Eric Walker and Aubree Miller in this sci-fi spin off kids adventure where some kids crash land on Endor and enlist Wicket into helping them find their parents.

The below score is very, very generous. Caravan Of Courage really is insipid, whiny, scenes dwindle on for three times their natural life. It was originally intended as a 30 minute special that somehow got stretched beyond all practicality to feature lenth. It takes a good 45 minutes before we even set off on our The Hobbit rip-off mission. Yet this pair of Ewok TV movies are the last Star Wars of the analogue era, so the production design (Joe Johnston) in a natural environment is at the very least incredible. I love a wallop of practical world building, so quickly switched off from the kiddie plotting and just enjoyed it as an almost ambient visual experience. Now, even watched with that magnanimous sense of spirit, I was shaken into almost kicking Caravan Of Courage to death by some shockingly cheap Ed Wood level unspecial FX. The spider attack is stanky and the oldest Ewok looks like taxidermy come back to life. All in all, this largely forgotten series of Ewok spin-offs are stinkers but a Star Wars stinker is never going to be completely unwatchable or unforgiveable.


Perfect Double Bill: Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (1985)

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