Beast (2022)

Baltasar Kormákur directs Idris Elba, Sharlto Copley and Iyana Halley in this adventure thriller where a doctor and his family are stalked by a rogue lion on a South African wildlife reserve.

While it doesn’t hit the giddy heights of Jaws, or even Crawl, Beast has plenty of mid-tier meat-and-potatoes entertainment to offer. Even a few surprises. The CGI lion isn’t perfect but far preferable to a living creature being bullied and tortured to achieve these shots. The camera swoops and swoons around Elba and this is probably his most convincing stint as an action lead. Location work is laudable. Beast is a fine B movie you’d definitely stay tuned to if it came on a hotel TV channel.


Perfect Double Bill: Roar (1981)

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