You Don’t Nomi (2019)

Jeffrey McHale directs Elizabeth Berkley, Kyle MacLachlan and Paul Verhoeven in this documentary about the production, evisceration and cult legacy of Showgirls.

Big fan of Showgirls, and not in an entirely snide way. Every time I watch it I have a memorable experience. This documentary is pretty even handed exploring its over inflated problems and celebrating its extreme pleasures. Slightly strange start to watching this documentary. The stream struggled to buffer and then played with the talking head narration overlapping in triplicate. It actually worked quite nicely, adding a woozy fever dream like atmosphere to the heightened subject matter. But then I paused it… realised it was definitely a glitch. Was slightly disappointed in all honesty that it wasn’t a stylistic choice. I rarely watch “DVD extra” Making Of Content but do feel that movies with this footprint of cultural impact deserve documentaries at least as well made, and their own thing, as this. Or nothing at all.


Perfect Double Bill: Showgirl (1995)

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