John Tucker Must Die (2006)

Betty Thomas directs Brittany Snow, Jesse Metcalfe and Ashanti in this teen comedy where the three most popular girls in school employ a new girl in a revenge plot against their shared lothario lover.

From Clueless to Get Over It many teen comedies from this era used a classic text as their narrative scaffolding. Shakespeare! Austen! Well, this is reverential to that truly canonical story… 10 Things I Hate About You. Clearly what was considered a fair game classic text was accelerated around 2005?! This feels almost like a direct lift at times… and there ain’t nothing all that wrong with that. Gag packed but they certainly are not all winners. Maybe one out of a dozen jokes land. But you admire its try-hard goofiness. And Snow is a fine all-rounder, the perfect lead for this brand of sexed-up fluff.. Someone should cast her and Anna Faris in a movie together as goofy sisters! AKA in Italy as Il mio ragazzo è un bastardo.


Perfect Double Bill: 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

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