Limite (1931)

Mário Peixoto directs Olga Breno, Taciana Rey and Raul Schnoor in this arthouse classic from Brazil where three strangers are on a boat remembering the lives they abandoned.

The above synopsis I had to look up midway through the movie. I tried my best to concentrate. To figure out what was going on. I was aware, prepared even, that watching non-genre silent cinema often means I have to reprogram myself. Reset myself to a different movie storytelling grammar. I focussed really hard, enjoyed some of the imagery. But I just couldn’t fathom who was who, what was what. So an hour in I paused it, went on Wikipedia and read the plot. Whatever magic this contains was dispelled by that concession. Well done for surviving lost film but you just aren’t for me.


Perfect Double Bill: Earth (1930)

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