Three From Hell (2019)

Rob Zombie directs Sheri Moon Zombie, Bill Mosely and Richard Brake in this horror threequel where those murderous Fireflys escape death row and go south of the border… down Mexico way.

Sid Haig is irreplaceable so let’s just call Richard Brake a welcome late addition to the clan. As with all previous parts in this cult trilogy, 3 From Hell is tonally all over the shop and certain sequences are grindingly indulgent. But I get the feeling one man’s clown murder is another lady’s midget romance subplot. Let call this a Mexican brothel bar and say there’s something malformed yet attractive for everyone. My personal favourite sequences is the trippy multi-colour dance freak out sequence. You ain’t seeing that hot unforgettable stuff in even the top drawer Blumhouse release, now are ya? Cruel and silly, hyper and nasty this is the work of a now well established auteur. Rob Zombie’s made enough of these that it is up to us the audience to put up or shut up. You either bend to his long established will or these releases never ever will be to your taste. Sheri Moon is such a unique screen presence that she is now an endeared figure in our household. More filmmakers should be using her, that spry, girlish sicko powerhouse shouldn’t just be seen in her lovin’ husband’s projects. Cast her as a Marvel villain. Get some demented flavour in that taco. “Look, suit; I gotta do what I gotta do. It’s my rules or the Grim Reaper comes a-rollin’ thru in a big black Cadillac; “Hey, bitch; hop in!” You dig?”


Perfect Double Bill: 31 (2016)

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