Let Him Go (2020)

Thomas Bezucha directs Diane Lane, Kevin Costner and Lesley Manville in this neo-Western drama where a retired sheriff and his resolute wife try to track down their grandson who has been taken from them.

Slow burn for the first hour but leaps to a level of shock and threat that nobody would predict by the thrilling finale. The Weboy Clan (headed by an excellent Manville and pleasurably rotten Jeffrey Donovan) are not messing – a particularly nasty, gothic set of antagonists who pull no punches. You genuinely fear for the romantic, creaky Lane and Costner as they continue their quest against this bunch of scumbags. This is a well made, small film that eventually really delivers in terms of drama, tension and star power. An overlooked gem.


Perfect Double Bill: A Perfect World (1993)

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