Top Gun (1986)

Tony Scott directs Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis and Anthony Edwards in this war movie where the best jet fighter pilots in America train for high speed combat.

That epic synth soundtrack (Faltermeyer / Berlin / Loggins) . The Cruiser becoming an A-Lister right in front of our very eyes. The golden shimmering sheen Scott sells every image with. Flippin’ the bird. Sweaty topless beach volleyball. Goose’s death. That Lovin’ Feelin’. Every winning, glorious chunk chimes still as shameless image entertainment. Only the dogfights feel a bit underwhelming on the small screen. The romance has a jerky, undercooked nature that actually gives Cruise and McGillis space to breathe. Every thread of this feels hashed out and cobbled together, like they made the story up as they went along. The only overriding factors that unify it all are the constant homoeroticism (a man could drive himself crazy figuring out just how intentional that is) and Cruise’s coming of age as an eternal shining movie star he is and always will be. Turn your brain off and just enjoy.


Perfect Double Bill: Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

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