A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1986)

Jack Sholder directs Mark Patton, Kim Myers and Robert Englund in this horror sequel where Freddy tries to re-enter reality via a confused teen boy.

“You are all my children now!”

Dismissed as a half assed cash-in back in the day, this has a pretty blatant gay subtext running throughout it. Making it fascinating to watch and to pick apart. Fred Krueger still retains some of his threatening mystique here and the closer where our final girl (a winning and sympathetic Myers) decides to hug the demon out of the monster is quite dramatic and operatic. There aren’t enough scare sequences though and the wobbly set-piece where Freddy runs amok around a pool party feels like a missed opportunity; given he only really knocks a few hotdog bun packets over. The practical FX are pretty exciting when they happen – tongues emerge from phone receivers, Freddy hatches like a chick from inside a screaming man. While not as full steam as its groundbreaking progenitor 2 certainly is less clownish than what followed.


Perfect Double Bill: Jennifer’s Body (2009)

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