X (2022)

Ti West directs Mia Goth, Brittany Snow and Jenna Ortega in this slasher horror movie where a film crew pick the wrong farm in Texas to shoot their porn movie at.

West’s most approachable, accomplished and satisfying movie to date. He knows he’s making Texas ChainSaw meets Boogie Nights and doesn’t colour too far outside of the lines of that simple enough diagram. For a sleazy movie, it proves very sex positive and the female characters are granted a pinch more complexity than you’d expect. Of course, West is an old hand at the slow burn, so there’s plenty of room for him to scribble a little shading and messaging while we await the carnage. As things come to the boil he even distracts us with a potential unexpected killer. One of our victims comes very close to a schizoid breakdown themselves. The set pieces are solid, consistent. It is the mood and the tactile sensation the movie illicits that is most satisfying. It is just nice to see something like this crafted so well – the editing, the soundtrack, the make-up, the nudity and the dialogue. All elements come together in harmony, even finding space for a few neat callbacks to Hitchcock’s Psycho. Clearly West is trying to say something about youth being restricted and exploited by the older generation here but he doesn’t ram that message too far down our throats. He knows ultimately we came to see Mia Goth’s now near mandatory naked body and then heads going squelch. I can’t think of many better ways to spend a Saturday. I hope the home video market takes off for these kids.


Perfect Double Bill: Body Double (1984)

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