Red Rocket (2022)

Sean Baker directs Simon Rex, Bree Elrod and Suzanna Son in this indie comedy where a washed-up male porn star returns to his hometown to try and get his life back on track.

From the three Sean Baker flicks I’ve now seen, I kinda know I’m never going to miss anything he puts out ever again. He makes shitholes glow with vibrant colour, treats sex workers like they are superheroes. Flawed, fucked up, Donut shop loitering superheroes. Simon Rex’s Mickey Sabor is his funniest character study yet. The man boy is all optimism, all manipulation. His life is sex yet he only ever uses fucking to gain status, advantage or just a better place to flop. Watching him con only himself that “the comeback” is happening around the tributaries of the Texas oil refineries makes for a high wire, highly strung, high note two hours. Red Rocket pops!


Perfect Double Bill: Accatone (1961)

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