Dead Presidents (1995)

The Hughes Brothers direct Larenz Tate, Keith David and Chris Tucker in this war movie / heist movie where a black Vietnam veteran finds his home coming so unwelcoming he turns to crime.

The inverse of Forrest Gump. Same historical beats, very different outcomes. The flow of this is too bitty to really work. There’s not enough focus on any constituent part for you to really feel like we are getting a full story rather than a necklace of scenes. Once or twice you even question the validity of why one moment made the cut when others are skipped over. When The Hughes’ want to make an impact however they excel; their threatening characters are truly menacing, the shift from Bronx romance to the ‘Nam is masterful, the heist is a terrific action sequence, if a head gets butted it explodes with a sluice of blood. It is impossible to say a movie with such a visceral moment as a Recon marine keeping any enemy’s severed, rotting head in his rucksack is unmemorable. Yet all the grim, good stuff joins together very poorly.


Perfect Double Bill: Da 5 Bloods (2020)

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