Rawhead Rex (1986)

George Pavlou directs David Dukes, Kelly Piper and Ronan Wilmot in this Irish monster movie where an ancient fertility demon tears up and possesses a backwater hamlet.

Clive Barker adapted his short story into a script and then disowned it. The titular monster looks like a gargantuan prototype for an action figure; stiff, plastic and with cheap red diode light up eyes. The director doesn’t have the common sense to hide the contemptible disappointment in the shadows or offer us only quick glimpses of the failed creation. His camera lingers on Rawhead Rex fully illuminated in all his fake, unconvincing laughable glory. A rare Irish horror, sadly one that has little going for it aside from a certain cruel streak. Runs out of steam long, long before a specteral finale featuring animated lightning FX that only happened in the mid Eighties.


Perfect Double Bill: Xtro (1983)

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