Tokyo Fist (1995)

Shinya Tsukamoto directs himself, Kaori Fujii and Kohji Tsukamoto in this Japanese exploitation movie where a white collar office drone takes up boxing when he wants to square off against an old school friend.

Frenetic… you might be exhausted after the first minute with no idea where your sanity will be a whole movie length later. I’m surprised this is not talked about in the same breath as Fight Club… both films share so much in terms of visuals, attitudes and Freudian shock. This came out roughly as Chuck Palahniuk’s novel was also published. One was being edited as the other was debuting on the festival circuit so it be hard to make a case about provenance. Suffice to say if you want to see the Tetsuo director’s take on similar themes and are not faint of heart when it comes to actors being animated like stop motion puppets, DIY body modification and anti-consumerism then my Tyler Durden… do I have the VHS rental for you.


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