Sleeping Dogs (1977)

Roger Donaldson directs Sam Neill, Warren Oates and Ian Mune in this dystopian thriller where a man goes on the run in New Zealand when a dictatorship and a rebellion movement begin to clash around him.

Supposed to be a allegory for the Vietnam war – imagining what New Zealand would be like if an occupying force, an extremist government and a resistance movement were to occur. And it actually starts quite strong with young Sam Neill trying to go “into the wild” and live on a deserted island while everything goes to shit. But the twists occur way too haphazardly, you never really get your bearings. The always welcome Warren Oates crops up as a fuck happy Yankee colonel, there’s a few relieving bursts of action… Eventually, it just disintegrates into thirty minutes of Neill and the lefty who is fucking his wife endlessly shouting “rack off, mate” at each other in a jungle. Boring.


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