Sybil (2019)

Justine Triet directs Virginie Efira, Adèle Exarchopoulos and Sandra Hüller in this dark French erotic drama where a psychoanalyst becomes obsessed with her new movie star patient, exploiting her life with damaging repercussions.

A difficult film to get a grasp on but the unpredictability leads to plenty of full on sex and scenes of emotional jeopardy. It probably tries to do too much but never stumbles from the fine line betwixt comedy and tragedy that it bravely walks. Featuring nicely ambiguous turns from the two leads and a striking, stand out comedy support from Toni Erdmann’s Hüller as an overbearing director. Worth a try. Shame that Britain doesn’t make these undefinable but mature works of cinema at all anymore yet they still seem a dime a dozen across the Channel. When did we give up on making movies for adults?


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