Collateral Damage (2002)

Andrew Davis directs Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elias Koteas and Francesca Neri in this action thriller where a firefighter hunts the terrorists who killed his family in a bombing.

Made when Arnie was eyeing up retirement and a move into politics. Made before 9/11 but released after. This feels pretty bog standard. Doing nothing wrong but nothing particularly memorable. The role stretches Arnie a little – he needs to portray grief and helplessness. You can see him making the effort to meet the task head on. This leaves the humour to fun actors like John Turturro and John Leguizamo, who are deft at making colourful little cameos. Picking up a paycheck for a short week’s location work. Collateral Damage does the basic job on a Saturday night but never reaching, or even particularly aiming for, the top blockbuster standard. Competency isn’t exactly a huge selling point.


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