The Congress (2013)

Ari Folman directs Robin Wright, Danny Huston and Harvey Keitel in this sci-fi drama where movie star Robin Wright sells the rights to her image and personality to a movie studio and finds herself 60 years later a stranger in an animated hotel which is hosting an event celebrating her continued fame.

What is reality? Every movie that seems to attempt to attack or expose the construct of an artificial existence seems ready made to blow only those unguarded minds already primed for demolition. The Matrix. Mr Nobody. Zero Theorem. A sub genre of over stylised meh that just leaves me cold. They never find a valid enough reason for a world without rules, made from the imagination of a microprocessor. Not my cup of tea. The animation used to conceptualise Robin Wright’s prison of the fake being is colourful, chaotic and with some nice Max Fleischer nods in the population… but the plot around it is incoherent, unworthy of the visual effort. Why is everyone’s face in the future live action “reality” so dirty? Water must exist in some form or they’d be dead. Is it like, The Matrix, just a further layer of fake existence? Do I care? Considering I’m not really sure how we got here after a slew of incoherent but earnest storytelling? Pretentious guff.


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