Naked (1993)

Mike Leigh directs David Thewlis, Lesley Sharp and Katrin Cartlidge in this urban drama where a troubled but intelligent man travels to London and walks the streets.

“Is it going to be grim and depressing?” asked Natalie. “I remember it being quite funny.” was my response. But no… this is bleak and misogynistic, unrelentingly so… but intentionally… so there’s that. Thewlis remains a powerhouse and his unbridled, acerbic lead performance holds up as one of the great achievements in British acting. The film surrounding it is quite oblique in its intention but it is hard not to see it as damning assessment of humanity. I’ve always found Leigh’s “comical” take on the working classes snide and patronising, his treatment and presentation of those female characters especially in Naked is hard to stomach and tally up. Probably at its best when the camera is just roving the desolate London backstreets, making the last days of Thatcherism look like Lynch’s The Elephant Man.


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