The World Is Not Enough (1999)

Michael Apted directs Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau and Judi Dench in this 007 spy adventure where Bond must protect an oil heiress from shadowy forces.

Starts strong with a nice little gunpoint transaction and then a neat trad stunt in Bilbao, then MI5 explodes and we are speedboating around the Thames. The first time James Bond had done any meaningful wet work on British soil and it is pretty glorious. Those first ten minutes really pump. I like Garbage’s dirge of a theme song, the CGI oil women that slink around the credits with a garish rainbow dazzlement. And then everything become forgettable and half arsed. The action is middling, the girls hollow and the plotting uninvolving. The twisty doomed romance driven narrative would suit Dalton’s 007 to a tee but Pierce seems a bit stiff here – there’s no-one game for him to bounce off of, some of the quips are so forced they’d make even Rog wince. The only moment that holds up is Desmond Llewelyn’s Q note perfect exit. Farewell lovely Quartermaster. Bond should never be boring but this very often is. There’s a reason TWINE rarely comes up in conversations about the franchise.


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