Mr Majestyk (1974)

Richard Fleischer directs Charles Bronson, Al Lettieri and Linda Cristal in this Elmore Leonard crime thriller where a melon farmer attracts the unwanted attentions of a cheap labour enforcer and a mafia hitman.

Bronson just wants to farm his melons. And if he has to kick every organised criminal’s ass in the state to do it… he will. Bronson is too monosyllabic to truly work as a traditional Leonard anti-hero. The best you can say about his typically stiff acting style is that it doesn’t betray his character’s single mindedness as written. He really just wants to farm those melons. Modern trappings aside, this is as much western as crime thriller. Al Lettieri is good value as the black hat. The big chase finale has some impressive stunt driving work. Hot and dirty and dusty and sweaty – this is my kinda cinema.


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