Amadeus (1984)

Milos Foreman directs F. Murray Abraham, Tom Hulce and Elisabeth Berridge in this classic period drama following the one sided rivalry between genius composer Mozart and infuriated court hack Salieri.

Transports you to another world and celebrates everything decadent and groundbreaking about Mozart’s work. Telling his rise and fall from Salieri’s jealous and conniving point of view is the masterstroke – F. Murray Abraham runs with a gift of a role. This is an evocative production that completely enthrals you. Tom Hulce’s central performance is a little too stagey and forced… and the whole shebang is loooong. But sticking with it reaps many rewards. One of the few Eighties Oscar darlings that stands the test of time, Foreman gets the balance right between playfulness and prestige, madness and measuredness.


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