The Last Stand (2013)

Kim Jee-woon directs Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Knoxville and Forest Whittaker in this action adventure where a sleepy border town’s sheriff finds himself preparing to stop a fugitive drug baron.

This was Arnie’s big action comeback and it felt a little off the mark at the time. There were too many characters, too much exposition, not nearly enough Arnie. What there is though is great, after all that laborious setting up you get a more than generous wallop of carnage, with the beloved T-800 front and centre, playing a relatively human character. There’s a nice broad sense of humour near constantly at play that is very inviting. It looks gorgeous thanks to Kim Jee-woon unique eye for action and mythology. If you are a fan of Westerns than you’ll appreciate the plotting and form. Now it seems like we won’t be getting that many more pure Arnie action extravaganzas, this proves more than satisfactory in hindsight.


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