The Super (2017)

Stephan Rick directs Patrick John Fleuger, Val Kilmer and Colby Minifie in this horror thriller where three janitors of a sprawling apartment building investigate and suspect each other during a rash of murders and disappearances.

Simultaneously glossy and cheap looking, this has little resemblance to reality. If you cared about any of it, you’d question every single writing and performance choice. Some of it is in service of a relatively well obscured twist. At least the killer’s eventual reveal doesn’t feel like a complete cheat but it does leave more questions than answers. This is not an experience you’ll want to revisit again though afterwards. Val Kilmer’s role is especially hard to get one’s head around. His heavily accented dialogue is all dubbed in due to his throat cancer. This gives his moments an echo of giallo about them, a mood you wish the filmmakers aped more given the often bonkers nature of the plotting. Doesn’t make the movie any better or worse but a happy accident in a pretty forgettable, awful release.


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