Cocktail (1988)

Roger Donaldson directs Tom Cruise, Bryan Brown and Elisabeth Shue in this romance drama about a young bartender with a dream.

“When he pours, he reigns!” Like watching five years of a soap opera on fast forward, this never lays out why we should care about the dreams and desires of its wannabe yuppie himbo. The script just tragically assumes we share the hero’s juvenile values and dead eyed drive. It is so in love with Cruise’s pretty yet gormless bartender it never stops to consider how surreal the constant adulation reads to uncommitted eyes. The sad fact is a lot of the drink slinging and flair moves look nervous and cautious. Bryan Brown’s jaded guru flits in and out of the narrative… by the second act you wish we were following him and his hard earned bullshit rather than the callow youth. Hard to decipher what the entertainment value ever was here unless you are jonesing for Eighties cheese.


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