Psycho II (1983)

Richard Franklin directs Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles and Meg Tilly in this mystery sequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s motel murderer classic.

Norman Bates is out… but is he cured? A series of murders spring up around the motel and a sexy waitress enters his life. Franklin affectionately reworks all the original’s iconic shots, locations and thrills. Each homage is given a fresh, alternative spin. It really is a very reverent yet inventive revisit to cinema heaven. Perkins gives probably his career best performance as the mentally fragile, eager to restart his life nutter. You are completely on his side, even when it seems highly likely that old habits die hard. This could have been an absolute car crash, and was somewhat treated as such offhand by critics still wearing their widow’s weeds so soon after Hitch’s passing, but Psycho 2 has aged up quite marvellously. Sure, it was never going to match 1960’s Psycho but it is a trashy, histrionics and camp little whodunnit in its own right.


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