Frantic (1988)

Roman Polanski directs Harrison Ford, Emmanuelle Seigner and Yorgo Voyagis in this thriller where a doctor’s wife goes missing in Paris and his only lead is a sexy young drugs mule.

Kickstarted the unofficial trilogy where Indy found himself in criminal trouble because of his wife (see also Presumed Innocent and The Fugitive), this is a bog standard Saturday night special. Ford is a great meat and potatoes movie star beaming down from on high over an average espionage mystery, making the most routine moments very watchable. Polanski adds a sleazy strangeness to on location Paris, making the beautiful city seems like a treacherous, sordid underworld. Emmanuelle Seigner is utterly gorgeous as our untrustworthy tour guide on this walk on the wild side. Ennio Morricone turns in a solid bit of scoring, not his best but does the job. This might be utterly forgettable if everyone wasn’t so effortlessly good at what they do even at half power. As it stands, like Charade or Panic Room, there’s a surfeit of indisputable talent elevating a minor pulp concoction.


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